• According to the Dept of Energy, Lighting represents 40% of the average commercial building's electric bill.

  • The "Cost Savings Council" reports that energy efficient lighting projects generate an average of 45% return on investment paying for themselves in just 2.2 years.
  • Upgrading from the older T-12 to a T-8 system reduces energy consumption by about 35%.
  • This is done with the existing fixtures, changing only the lamps and ballasts or with  Fixture Inserts.

  • It also improves light depreciation from 35% to 5%. (The lamps stay brighter longer.)

  • A T-8 lamp's life is 36,000 hours where T-12 last 20,000 hours.

  • Improved color, CRI or Color Rendering Index by 18%.  (You see more colors, with more clarity.)
"Group Re-lamping"
We simply clean the fixtures and change all of the lamps at the same time.  This is usually done in parking lots and interior fluorescent fixtures.  Group re-lamping is repeated at 70% of the lamps life.

It offers many advantages which are:

  • cleaning the fixtures usually improves light output from 18 to 33%,
  • group re-lamping reduces maintenance cost by as much as 31%,
  • improves the life of the ballast,
  • reduces the end of life, light depreciation.  Standard T-12 fluorescent lamps lose 35% of the light at the end of their life,
  • gives better control of maintenance, expense and timing.

We keep a data base and remind you when re-lamping is due based on calculated usage.  We have an online repair order form.  You simply e-mail us.  We dispose of lamps and ballast with environmentally safe methods.

We take candle power readings at all the desks in your office, evaluate the existing fixtures, make suggestions for occupancy detection sensors and expense for fixture upgrades.
  • No more ladder or lamp storage.

  • No more liability of employees on ladders.

  • One monthly payment.

  • This service includes a lighting audit and group re-lamping.

  • All lamps and service calls are included at no additional costs.

  • If this contract follows an upgrade, ballast have a full guarantee.

  • Monthly or Bi-monthly inspections to look for blinking or failing lamps.


  • We offer repair and installation of parking lot

  • Our bucket truck has a reach of 42 feet.

  • Choose group re-lamping or spot repair.

  • Maintenance Contract

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